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Shanti Path Mantra – Powerful Mantra for Wealth and Peace

Shanti Path Mantra - Powerful Mantra for Wealth and Peace

Shanti Path mantra lyrics:

”Om Dyau Shanthi Rantariksha Gwam Shanthi,
Prithaivi Shanthi Rapah Shanthi,
Roshadhayah Shanthi,
Vanas Patayah Shanthi,
VishveDevah Shanthi,
Brahma Shanthi,
Sarvagwam Shanthi,
Shanthi Reva Shanthi Sa Ma Shanthi Redhi.
Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi.”

Shanti Path mantra translation and meaning:

”Unto The Haven Be Peace,
Unto The Sky And The Earth Be Peace.
Peace Be Unto The Water,
Unto The Herbs And Trees Be Peace.
Unto All The Gods Be Peace,
Unto Brahma And Unto All Be Peace.
And May We Realise That Peace.
Om Peace Peace Peace.”


This chant is a mantra for prosperity and peace. The ‘Shanti Paath’ is commonly recited at the beginning and the end of a religious ceremony. It can also be repeated anytime and anywhere.

Chanting Sanskrit mantras is a good habit and beneficial to bring into your life, no matter how busy you are each day. In addition, chanting raises the practitioner’s vibration and as a result, people who chant feel alive, centered, and peaceful.

According to a research conducted at the Cleveland University, U.S., the rhythmic tones involved in chanting mantras create a melodious effect in the body called the neuro-linguistic effect. When we know the meaning of the mantra we are chanting, it creates a psycholinguistic effect on the body. The neuro-linguistic and the psycholinguistic effects are by-products of the production and spreading of curative chemicals in the brain. The scientists concluded that this is the real reason why reciting mantras generates healing effects within us.

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