Sabse Unchi Prem Sagai Bhajan – Translation in English

Sabse unchi prem sagai – Lyrics and Translation

Sabse Oonchi Prem Sagai
Duryodhana Ko Meva Tyago
Saga Vidura Ghara Pai
Sabse Oonchi Prem Sagai
Lord Krishna renounced the delicacies that Duryodhana offered, and ate vegetables at Vidura’s house.

Juthe Phala Sabari Ke Khaye
Bahu Vidhi Prema Lagai
Sabse Oonchi Prem Sagai
As Lord Ramacandra, He ate fruits which were already filled with love from Sabari.

Prema Ke Bas Nripa Sevaa Kinhi
Aap Bane Hari Nai
Sabse Oonchi Prem Sagai
Love is indeed the best way to serve and please the Lord.

Rajasuya Yajna Yudhisthira Chino
Tamai Jutha Uthai
Sabse Oonchi Prem Sagai
In Maharaja Yuddhistira’s Rajasuya Yajna sacrifice, Lord Krishna served the Brahmans and picked up their eating utensils.

Prema Ke Basa Arjuna Ratha Hankhyo
Bhula Gaye Thakurai
Sabse Oonchi Prem Sagai
Out of pure love for Arjuna, He took the position of being his charioteer, and He forgot that He was the Lord.

Aisi Preet Baḍhi Vrrindavan
Gopina Naach Nachai
Sabse Oonchi Prem Sagai
Such love did Lord Krishna portray in Vrndavana when He danced with the gopis in the rasa lila.

Sura Krura Is Layaka Nahi
Kehe Lek Kare Baḍai
Sabse Oonchi Prem Saga
Sura Dasa asks, „In what way could I worship the merciful and magnanimous Lord?”

More Information

This is a bhajan written by Surdas. He was a 15th-century blind saint, musician, and poet, known for his devotional songs dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Surdas was one of the Ashtasakha (eight friends of Lord Krishna), appointed by Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya to perform Raga seva to Sri Govardhan Nath (the Krishna deity, uncovered by Mahaprabhu on Govardhan Hill near Vrindavan, Mathura.

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He is considered a saguna bhakti poet and so also known as Saint Surdas, a name which literally translates as „servant of melody”.

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