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4 Powerful Mantras for Love Everyone Should Know About

What is Love?

Love is life because life comes out of love. If there is no love, there will be no life. So love and life are synonyms. It is for love that life comes into existence. why are people coming into this earth plane?

Because they want to experience relationship. So, the relationship is very vital for people who are living on this earth plane, particularly. It is what gives life meaning. So love is of different kinds.

One is love between genders and love between siblings and friends and relatives and also towards human beings. and animals too. and plants as well. so love sustains life.

So without love, there is no meaning to life. That’s the bottom line, that love is fundamental. It is not of the mind. It is of the heart.

That’s why there is the expression, „you fall in love.” You fall from head to the heart. So love is not simply an emotional pull. It is also the highest intelligence.

Love is the highest intelligence. So if you are in love, you are in the heart center (Anahata chakra), then you will be able to understand the highest intelligence. – source Dr. Pillai

„Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.” – Leo Buscaglia’s quote.

List Of 4 Mantras For Love:

1. Kleem Mantra

The mantra Kleem will do miracles. Kleem Mantra has the ability to enhance the power of other mantras. Kleem, however, is one of the oldest spiritual methods used to create attraction.

You will notice that Kleem has a unique feeling, it creates vibrations and reverberations in your body.

When you focus on this mantra and meditate on it to change the vibration of your spirit. When you change your vibrational rate you change your relationship with the universe (which itself has its own frequency rate).

And that is how a mantra works.

2. Kamdev Mantra

Kamadeva also called Kamdev, is the Hindu god of human love or desire. Kama Deva literally means „god of love” or „divine love.”

Effective and simple, this mantra enhances your personality and attracts the others.

This love mantra is all about prosperity and love. So, praising Kama Deva spreads the message of peace and brings in love in the family and among friends.

3. Sat Kartar Mantra

The translation of this mantra is – „God is the Doer”, which signifies God or the Great Divine One, is the One doing this action, this situation.

The second aspect of this heart-opening mantra is that it is a key to living in a state of Faith. We are calling our souls to experience, to walk, to do, in our lives with the belief and understanding that the Divine One is working in all aspects.

To experience the trusting, faithful aspect of love in our lives, we sometimes need to first do the work to trust and open the Flow of the Divine doing everything.

When we open to that Flow then we establish and allow a course for the Universe to Flow back to us in response, with All it is waiting to give to us.

4. Tumi Bhaja Re Mana

Chanting the mantra daily can lead the heart to open to the Divine.


”Tumi Bhaja re Mana, Tumi Japa re Mana
Om, Shri Ram Jaya Ram
Japa re Mana”


”Oh mind, my dear friend,
Always chant the name of the Divine, Always repeat God’s Name!”