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Exciting Tips for First Time Weed Vapers

Smoking cannabis tends to be the most popular way when it comes to consuming it, nevertheless by vaping cannabis you receive more cannabinoids. Follow the below tips if you are vaping weed for the first time.

Finding Weed

For those who stay in a place where marijuana sale is legal to those who are 21 and above then you can simply go to a local marijuana dispensary. If you do not stay in these places, then you may travel to them if they are not far.

You need to remember that laws are governing how much can be bought and you cannot bring the marijuana back home.

For those who reside in a state that is a medical marijuana one, if you have a medical marijuana card, then you may buy it at the medical dispensary. Buying marijuana is illegal if you do not stay in a legal state.

Find A Comfortable Place

You do not want to be in an uncomfortable place if you are trying weed for the first time. You will be worried, and this will harm your experience and lead to anxiety. Therefore go where you are comfortable. You can play some music to relax. You can take a friend along as well.

Remember that cannabis possesses side-effects. Therefore expect these when you vape weed. You need to be sure that you will not be disturbed. It is better if you stay away from weed, but if you need it for medical reasons and it has been prescribed by a doctor, then the choice is yours.

Plan to Vape Around Mealtime

It is better to plan to vape around mealtimes. This is because you can feel hungry. You may want unhealthy foods while you are smoking.

This includes chips, sweets, fast food, etc. Therefore planning the first vaping around a mealtime, plus having some healthy snacks with you may be a good idea. Not everyone has the munchies nevertheless.

How to Take the Weed

You may be wondering whether to smoke, vape, or take weed in an edible form the first time. It may be better to get a weed vaporizer and vape weed rather than eating it. You may want to smoke it. Eating some cannabis-infused brownie takes time until the effects come.

Edibles tend to have a stronger impact than smoked and vaporized marijuana. So if you want to consume weed in an edible form, then you need to wait to let it kick in.

If you want to vape then get the proper vaporizer for your selected cannabis. Also be sure that you have the right tank/cartridge.


If you are trying out weed for the first time then simply take only one or two puffs. If you do not experience anything, then wait for 20 minutes. After this, if you still do not feel something then take another puff.

Trying out something for the first time can be tough. You need to be careful when it comes to trying out something like weed. It is better that you stay away from this.