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Top 5 Questions Family Members Should Ask Before Choosing a Rehab Facility

Sending a loved one to rehab is not an easy process—it can be difficult both physically and emotionally.

Their addiction affects your life as much as it affects their lives, but they might not be able to see that yet. Getting help is the first step to supporting your loved one when going through rehab.

There are many options out there when it comes to rehabilitation facilities, so the decision can be a difficult one. Here are the top 5 questions family members should ask before choosing a facility.

What types of assessments are given prior to my family member entering your facility?

To properly treat someone for an addiction—no matter what kind—their addiction must first be understood by those performing the treatment.

It is important that they get both mental and physical health assessments done because the body should be treated as a whole.

How will your rehab program meet the individual needs of my loved one?

It is essential that your family member feels comfortable during rehabilitation. Without comfort and the ability to share their individual skills and beliefs, rehab may not be as successful.

Each person’s story is unique, so rehab should not be a “one size fits all” program. Luxury drug rehabs & Treatment should be tailored to fit a person’s individual needs.

What does treatment look like in your facility?

You definitely want to ask what kinds of treatments they perform. There are lots of different types of therapy, and you want to make sure their time in a facility is spent on getting better.

They can benefit from therapies like individual counseling, group counseling, nutritional therapy, physical therapy and exercise, and many others. You might want to ask what a typical day in their facility looks like for a patient.

What support do you offer family members?

Unfortunately, when addiction is involved, it is not just the addict who suffers. Usually, support is needed for immediate family members as well.

It is important for them to also go to therapy and to learn about what they can do to support their loved one during and after rehab.

Ask this question to ensure that the facility you choose will be beneficial for all involved. Even if they are able to point you in the right direction, that will be helpful.

How will my loved one be supported when they leave the facility?

Rehab is not just about the time your loved one spends at the facility. It is also about continued recovery afterward. Will there be assisted living offered while your loved one transitions from rehabilitation?

Do they offer continued support and check-ins for the years to come? Will there be someone they can call if they are tempted to relapse? All great questions to ask! Go to a facility that will support them during rehab and beyond.

While there are many other questions you can ask, these are five of the most important ones. Be sure that your loved one is going to a rehabilitation facility that will truly help them.

If you are feeling uncomfortable about a facility, there is probably a good reason. Go to a rehab facility that treats your loved one as an individual and offers a variety of supports. Click here to find out the best option for Luxury Drug Rehabs.