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5 Cures For Lack Of Libido

Every single person’s libido is different. We all naturally have differing sex drives, but when appears to be suddenly changing or doesn’t match up with your partners, things can get tricky.

For the most part, low libido isn’t an issue. Everything from anxiety, a lack of sleep, age and relationship difficulties can all have an effect on how high or low your libido is and while you can’t know for sure until you visit a doctor, there are a number of common cures that men and women alike are trying.

From Viagra sildenafil (, to simply getting more sleep, here are five cures to get you started:

#1 Find The Cause

Before you try and find the solution, you need to find out the cause. Knowing whether your lack of libido is due to a deficiency in testosterone, stress, and anxiety or another underlying issue can help you to better determine the right course of treatment.

You can visit your doctor if you’re unsure where to start. They can run additional tests if there is no obvious cause, and even set you on the right path for finding the solution you need.

#2 Try Medication

While medication isn’t for everyone, some medicines and supplements can help to improve performance and enhance libido in the bedroom.

The most obvious choice, of course, is Viagra and it’s generic alternative. Designed to maintain an erection for longer, it has been a longstanding solution for men who are struggling in the bedroom. Alternatives, such as Yohimbine bark, have also been known to improve the quality of an erection.

#3 Consider Herbal Remedies

While there is no known herbal remedies that can have exactly the same effect as Viagra, some studies have shown that there are a few that can help improve the overall sexual function.

While you should always speak to your doctor before trying these for yourself, you could try maca, tribulus, gingko, ginseng to get an improved libido. It’s important to remember that these aren’t directly regulated by food standards agencies and so should be taken with caution.

#4 Get Some Sleep

Our lives are getting busier every single day. Between working a 9-5 job, before coming home and having to cook, clean and even look after kids, pets, aging parents and more, a lot of us don’t get enough sleep.

In fact, it’s predicted that 1 in 3 people aren’t getting a full nights sleep, with over 20% suffering from sleep-related disorders. This level of tiredness can reduce libido considerably, so the cure really could just be getting a good nights sleep!

#5 Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Anxiety, both in a general sense and relating to personal issues such as self-esteem, can be a huge barrier when it comes to sexual activity.

In a similar manner to a lack of sleep, anxiety can cause fatigue and exhaustion, leading to a lack of energy or motivation for sex or sexual activity.

Final Words

While you should always seek the advice of your GP, you could consider regular exercise, a more balanced and nutritious diet, making time for hobbies and your friends and family, and even practicing better sleep hygiene, in order to improve your libido overall.

If you are unsure of the cause of low libido or don’t know where to start, hopefully, this guide has given you a starting point. Speak to your GP if you are still unsure, and get the advice you need to set your libido back on track.