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Car Accidents & Trauma-Related Injuries – Spiritual Meaning and Causes

An accident is an unforeseen, unplanned, and unexpected event that has a negative impact on all activities of the individual concerned.

Every year, car accidents cause more deaths and injuries than any other type of personal injury incident.

For instance, according to statistics, more than 6.3 million injury, fatal, and property damage crashes occur in the U.S. every year. In the United Kingdom, car accidents cost an estimated £150 billion per year.

Road crashes cost $518 billion worldwide, costing individual countries from 1 to 2 percent of their annual gross domestic product (GDP).

Traumatic injury is a term that refers to physical injuries of sudden onset and severity that require immediate specialized medical attention. In the United States, for adults younger than age 45 and children, trauma accounts for an estimated 79,000 deaths every year.

Trauma, obviously, affects the patient physically; however, it can have lasting effects on the sufferer and people close to him emotionally.

The severity of injuries can range from minor to life-threatening.

Types of injury-related impairments resulting in disabilities include:

  • sensory disability, like – deafness and blindness;
  • psychological trauma;
  • physical limb deformation resulting in mobility impairments;
  • partial or complete amputation of limbs;
  • paralysis due to spinal cord trauma;
  • physical and/or cognitive limitations due to neurotrauma.

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Spiritual Meaning of Car Accidents and Trauma-Related InjuriesSpiritual Meaning of Car Accidents and Trauma-Related Injuries facts

Each of us holds full responsibility for our life, our whole experience. Even accidents happen because we attract them into our life; usually, this occurs in our subconscious.

If you experience an accident, the path you are on is suddenly being questioned. If you look at how the accident happened, you will quickly find the problem.

You may have lost control of things. Perhaps you have not been able to stop in time in a particular situation, or you have overlooked something.

Maybe you were half asleep when the accident happened, or you showed excellent resistance to the natural flow of life. Look closely at the causes of the accident and pay attention to verbal suggestions – they generally help with the interpretation.

Interesting statistics of accident evaluation highlight the fact that some people are prone to accidents – people who unconsciously try to solve their problems or conflicts through accidents.

Once you have found the reason for an accident, work on it. Thus, you will hold something very interesting within yourself, and you will be able to make significant progress in growth and development.

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Mindfulness MeditationMeditation woman meditation in a room

Mindfulness meditation is a technique that involves the development of awareness of the present moment experience with a compassionate, non-judgmental stance.

On the other hand, stress is a leading contributing factor to many different mental or physical conditions.

By easing stress and making you more aware and mindful, mindfulness meditation can make a big difference in preventing some health problems as well as accidents.

In addition, being awake and mindful is not just crucial for completing assignments adequately, but it also helps to keep both you and your friends out of harm’s way.

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Don’t Drink Alcoholdrinking alcohol while driving a car

Alcohol is the main factor in many motor vehicle crashes, burns, falls, drownings, homicides, suicides, sexual assaults, and transfers of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

Additionally, drinking alcoholic beverages can make you prone to minor accidents as well as to depression or anxiety.

Here are other tips to prevent accidents:

  • knives should be stored in a knife block, on a magnetic strip mounted on the wall, or on a suitable knife shelf;
  • clean all spills immediately;
  • reduce in-car distractions, like – cell phones, changing CDs or radio stations, or eating;
  • use a flashlight if you enter a dark room where there is no source of light;
  • do not smoke in bed;
  • don’t let kids under the age of 5 sleep on the top of a bunk bed;
  • do not touch electrical equipment with wet hands;
  • avoid sudden stalls or other vehicle failures by changing the oil regularly;
  • always keep a special watch on kids and seniors when heaters and fires are in use.

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