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Tantra of Gyuto – Sacred Rituals of Tibet – Documentary

Tantra of Gyuto - Sacred Rituals of Tibet - Documentary

Tantra of Gyuto – Sacred Rituals of Tibet synopsis:

It is produced by Francis Huxley & Sheldon Rochlin in 1968. Tantra of Gyuto – Sacred Rituals of Tibet presents us Tibetan history that incorporates archival footage from the 1920s until the Chinese takeover of Tibet in 1959.

Also, in this video, we will watch monks of the Gyuto Tantric College perform sacred Tibetan Buddhist ceremonies in a style of chanting that expresses the ecstasy of true meditation. Through ritual and mantric power and by their sheer inherent potency and disciplined execution, these concentrated essential energies bring about direct spiritual phenomena.

The rituals, introduced by the Dalai Lama, are interwoven with powerful images of Tibetan sacred art.

“The Gyuto Monks are masters of Tibetan Buddhist tantric ritual and their lives are dedicated to practicing tantric ideals. To be with them, to observe and be touched by their humanity, is to see kindness in action.”

According to Wikipedia – Gyuto order was founded in 1475 by Jetsun Kunga Dhondup and is one of the main tantric colleges of the Gelug tradition. In Tibet, monks who had completed their geshe studies would be invited to join Gyuto or Gyume, another tantric institution, to receive a firm grounding in Vajrayana practice.

The Gyuto Monks of Tibet have a strong tradition and history, that continues to the present day.

“Some people may ask ‘Why are they performing publicly what should be esoteric rites?’ Perhaps these people feel that secret teachings should not be turned into a theatrical spectacle. But they needn’t be concerned. the secret interior path and its processes are things which the ordinary eye cannot perceive. What is seen outside is totally different.

Based on their inner achievement, the Yogis can unfold energies which can serve the benefit of the entire country, such as in ceremonies which consecrate images and icons, exorcise negative forces, prevent natural disasters and epidemics, and uplift the spirit of times.

Thus, from a certain point of view, these ceremonies have a great benefit for the whole society, though there is a valid point in reserving certain ceremonies from public performance. Those performed here are chosen as resembling those traditionally done by popular request all over Tibet.” – Dalai Lama’s quote.

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