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Mystic India – The Incredible Journey of Inspiration – Full Movie

Mystic India - The Incredible Journey of Inspiration - Full Movie

Mystic India – The Incredible Journey of Inspiration documentary is directed by Keith Melton, written by Mose Richards, produced by BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha and Highlight Films in 2005.

Mystic India – The Incredible Journey of Inspiration synopsis:

India rediscovers India, a land of many mysteries and fascinations, the one land that all desire to see. Home of the Himalayas, the tallest mountains, India is our world’s largest and oldest democracy and contains an amazing wealth of wisdom, culture, and spirituality.

And within this earliest civilization known to mankind, lie hidden mystical secrets. It lies hidden in India’s silent spirituality, making her a mystic land of meditation, contemplation, and enlightenment.

For thousands of years, many have willingly left the comforts of their home and family and set off across this spiritual land in search of these secrets.

Their aim has been to reach a deeper understanding of existence and share the meaning of life that would elevate the rest of humanity. Of all such journeys, perhaps none is greater than the true story of an 11-year old child yogi, Neelkanth, who took an extraordinary journey through the wonders of mystic India. An adventure of hardships and survival, faith, and fearlessness undertaken by a child. The only one of its kind in the history of mankind.

Swaminarayan, also known as Neelkanth is a 17th-century reformer of India, the central figure in a modern sect of Hinduism known as the Swaminarayan Hinduism, a form of Vaishnavism.

From 1792 to 1799, Neelkanth walked alone, barefoot and bare body, 8000 miles for 7 years through the length and breadth of India. Carrying no maps, no food, and no clothing, how he crossed the roaring rivers, faced ferocious animals and survived the freezing winter of the Himalayas, is still a mystery. It is a story of struggle, of kindness and of courage even when face to face with a man-eating lion.

This video takes you through icy peaks to the cool blue Lake Mansarovar, into the wild jungles of Sunderbans and the rainforests of Assam, through barren deserts and to the silent shores of South India. Explore and learn from the majesty and mysticism of India’s art and architecture, music, and dance, faces, and festivals, customs and costumes which are brought to life on the giant screen.

This entertaining, educating and enlightening giant screen film (15perf/70mm) rediscovers India, a land of many mysteries and fascinations. It is the world’s first large format epic on India.

A period film set 200 years back in time, it retraces the incredible journey of an 11-year old child yogi, Neelkanth. In 1792 AD, he walked for 12,000 km continuously for 7 years, barefoot and bare-body, through the length and breadth of India, from the Himalayas to the southern seashores. Based on this inspiring true-life story and journey all over India, Mystic India documentary explores unique elements of India, like:

Amazing and intricate art and architecture, symbolizing creativity of centuries. Fascinating festivals, among the largest and most spectacular in the world.

Colorful customs and intriguing rites and rituals with deeper meanings for peaceful living. India as an epitome of the world with its natural and geographical diversity containing nearly every kind of habitat on earth. World’s oldest and largest democracy with one of the world’s most diverse peoples living together, with every shade of skin and a vast variety of cultures. India’s contribution to the world including concepts like Non-Violence and practices like Yoga and Ayurveda for natural health.

A nation of silent spirituality, making her a mystic land of meditation and contemplation, where quest continues to understand secrets of life beyond our material world. The real light and wisdom of India, seeking to know not how to conquer the world but how to live in peace, how to live together in harmony.

The essence and message of “Mystic India” that there can be Unity in Diversity, that we are a single human family, capable of living together, loving one another. This documentary is an epic journey into the land and soul of India.

“An infinite number of galaxies are created, sustained and destroyed; yet, without my permission, not even a single blade of grass can be unearthed.” – Swaminarayan’s quote.

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