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Lo Sfidante Documentary – Part I – The Enslavement

Lo Sfidante - Part I - The Enslavement

Lo Sfidante (or The Opponent) is a complex and advanced documentary that touches every important aspect of the human being.

It has two parts: Part I – The Enslavement and Part II – The Reconquest.

Lo Sfidante – Part I – The Enslavement synopsis:

All human beings that are born in our marvelous planet Earth have the right to live a full, happy, intense life. A life that expresses itself in its unrepeatable uniqueness, that seeks the gift of Wisdom, and that actively contributes to the improvement of the living conditions of the entire human community. This right, this natural heritage of an extraordinary Life, was overshadowed. By what?

What does it stands between us and the Life we desire, the Dreams we want to achieve, the Peace we want to feel? We have been conditioned to believe that something outside us is the cause of our unhappiness, but it is not.

Something that acts within us unleash outside the hell from which we want to flee, but from which we cannot deprive of. Something of which we aren’t conscious because no one has ever explains us where to look; except, of course, all traditions of inner research that have a basis in Truth, because all of them, without exception, always indicate the exact point where to look and the exact way to break free.

A set of forces acts on every one of us in order to disempower us and make us fearful, weak, doubtful, emotionally attached to bad habits and lead to delay rather than to act. This set of forces is supported by our not knowledge of the means it uses to disempower us, but it can be inactivated, to finally allow the Consciousness to unfold itself towards what It really is.

This documentary movie identifies this set of forces with the word Sfidante, the Opponent. It is a word of convenience, like an indicator signal towards a reality that is time to reveal, to face and spread.

The first part of Lo Sfidante – The Enslavement shows us how the mind of human beings works and all the problems that come because we can’t control our mind and thoughts.

Not being able to stop thinking is a terrible affliction, but we do not realize it because almost everyone suffers this, so it is considered normal.” – Eckhart Tolle’s quote.

But, there are some human beings which CAN control their mind and whose natural state of mind is silence.

“Ancient shamans called it Inner Silence because it is a state in which the perception is not dependent on the senses, but on other faculty of the human, the faculty that makes the human a magical being which has been weakened not by the man himself, but by some extraneous influence.“ – Carlos Castaneda’s quote.

Also, in Lo Sfidante we are being explained the meaning of terms like The Surface Mind and The Deep Mind.

For now it is sufficient to repeat what I’ve already said about the two minds. One is our true mind, the product of our own life experiences, that speaks rarely because it was defeated and relegated to obscurity. The other one, the mind we use every day for any daily activity, is a foreign installation.” – John Michael Abelar’s quote.

Lo Sfindate documentary continues and enlightens us about the difference between sensation and emotion and the relationship between emotions and The Surface Mind.

“Focus the attention on the emotions within you. Accept their existence. Do not think about them.”

After the introduction on how our minds work, we are introduced to the Lo Sfidante term or The Opponent, a behavior that is actually one of the most powerful weapons in the Surface Mind`s arsenal that keeps us in a silent defeat.

“According to the Toltecs, the mind of human beings is invaded by something that controls it, and therefore manages their personal dream. The freedom the Toltecs seek is to go back to use the mind and the body according to what they really are, to live their own lives, instead of what this something requires us for its own purposes.” – Don Miguel Ruiz’s quote.

Don Miguel indicates the Opponent with the name of Parasite. This is how, through his words, he describes his making and his purpose in the field of human Consciousness. Understanding who or what the Opponent is, as we have seen, is a realization that one day will be revealed to us by the Consciousness.

One of the most important weapons of The Opponent is fear, fear of losing unreal and nonexistent things. But one of the most important reasons why we persist in misery, the masterpiece in the work of the Opponent, comes from the way in which human beings interact with reality. Human beings filter all the reality through their inner mental and emotional field; by this filtering, they create an inner image of reality to which they suit, to validate their perceptions.

What did the Opponent do, then? It has intervened to manipulate to its advantage the part of our mind that we have unconsciously elected responsible for the interpretation of this inner image. The Opponent has taken the control of the Surface Mind.

“The Voladores are efficient and organized. To keep us obedient, meek and weak, they have engaged in a strategically wonderful operation. They gave us their mind. The mind of a Volador is unrivaled. When it propose something, it cannot but agree with itself, and lead you to believe you have done something deserving. The mind of the Volador will tell you that anything I say are a bunch of nonsenses, and then it itself will agree with its own statement, “But of course, they are nonsenses.” This is the way they defeat us.” – Carlos Castaneda’s quote.

But then, how can you change? It’s time to unmask the way to filter the reality that the Opponent makes us use to keep the command. In order to free ourselves, we need to understand the reality.

The Opponent succeeds in its attempt to keep under control the Surface Mind of a human being because the person does not know what is going on and therefore cannot prevent it. In practice, the Opponent takes control of the Surface Mind typically in the early years of its existence and, with time, the human arrives quickly to believe what the Surface Mind tells him, then, essentially, believing to be the Opponent itself.

The most difficult part in the road traveled by a Warrior is to understand that the World is a feeling.” – John Michael Abelar’s quote.

At the end, what the Opponent is creating in our lives, if we give it leave to do so, can be summed up in one single word: SUFFERING.

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