Lama Tsongkhapa Mantra (Migtsema Mantra) Meaning

Lama Tsongkhapa mantra lyrics:

„Mig-me tze-wai ter-chen Chen-re-zig
Dri-me kyen-pai wang-po Jam-pel-yang
Dü-pung ma-lü jom-dze Sang-wai dag
Gang-chen kay-pai tzug-gyan Tsong-Khapa
Lo-zang Drag-pai zhab-la sol-wa deb.”

Lama Tsongkhapa mantra – Migtsema – Translation in English:

„Je Tsongkhapa, crown jewel of the holy Masters of the land of snows,
You are Avalokiteshvara, great goldmine of Compassion untainted by ego’s delusion.
You are Manjushri, great Master of stainless wisdom.
You are Vajrapani, great subduer of all the gatherings of demons.
At your feet, famed Lobsang Drakpa,
I humbly bow and earnestly request that all sentient beings achieve Enlightenment.”

More Information

Je Tsongkhapa, also known as „Je Rinpoche”, was one of the greatest Buddhist teachers and meditators to ever live. Je Tsongkhapa embodies the Bodhisattvas of compassion (Kuan Yin or Avalokiteshvara), wisdom (Manjushri) and power (Vajrapani). His appearance in Tibet had been predicted by Gautama Buddha himself.

When he was born, a drop of his mother’s blood fell to the ground, and later a white sandal tree with a hundred thousand leaves grew at that spot.

He showed a perfect example of how to build the foundation for the spiritual path, how to progress on that path, and how to complete it.

In his two main treatises, the Lamrim Chenmo (considered one of his greatest works and is widely studied today, by both ordained sangha and laypeople all over the world) and Ngakrim Chenmo, Je Rinpoche meticulously sets forth this graduated way and how one establishes oneself in the paths of tantra and sutra.

„If one keeps even a drop of the nectar of the name of this holy being Tsongkhapa in a devotional heart, it plants the seed of liberation and one receives the fortune to practice and enjoy happiness from this life up to enlightenment.” – quote by Pabongkha Rinpoche

Despite his high attainments and enlightened qualities, he never exhibited any public display of miraculous powers, such as clairvoyance, and expressly prohibited his disciples from doing so.

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The annual Tibetan prayer festival Monlam Prayer Festival was established by Lama Tsongkhapa. There he offered service to ten thousand monks. The establishment of the Great Prayer Festival is seen as one of his Four Great Deeds. It celebrates the miraculous deeds of Shakyamuni Buddha.

This mantra is also known as Migtsema. It was originally composed by Je Tsongkhapa, in honor of his main spiritual teacher, Rendawa Shyonnu Lodro. Rendawa replied it was more applicable to Je Rinpoche than to himself, and adapted it into the prayer we know today. Some teachers say that the Migstema mantra is so very potent because it combines the great Buddhist mantras of Avalokitesvara, Manjushri, and Vajrapani.

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