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Danny Becher – Tibetan Singing Bowls – Dancing Spirits

Danny Becher - Tibetan Singing Bowls - Dancing Spirits

Danny Becher – Tibetan Singing Bowls – Dancing Spirits:

Danny Becher was born in 1953 in Braunschweig, Germany and is giving seminars on musical phenomena, workshops in sound-awareness, concerts, and classes since 1981 in different European countries. Before that, he had been living in India for 9 years, working in an Ayurvedic Institute, and as a designer in a multi-cultural-center.

Side by that he studied yoga and Indian classical music. In India, he studied Hindustani music, tabla and overtone singing combined with breathing exercises from the Hatha yoga. In Netherlands, he studied classical voice training at the Conservatory in Tilburg and Zwolle and he studied in Gregorian chant.

Since childhood, he is interested and trained in music and absolved studies in western classical music theory, classical music history, church music and conductor for classical choirs. Training the voice in belcanto classical singing style, gregorian interpretation and overtone chanting resulted in a synthesis of voice expression and he developed his own style.

“Using the voice is a means of setting oneself into different vibrational patterns, for a better well-being on the physical, mental and emotional level.” – Danny Becher’s quote.

He has released a number of meditation CD’s on which he collaborated with the Ensemble Tonus and Fred birds.”Singing bowls create a geluidspad that penetrates to the depths of our being. A harmony of the spheres that balances both hemispheres.”

This video contains Dancing Spirits healing sounds by Danny Becher. Besides the musical effect of the singing bowls and a gong, pulsating sounds between the left and right side bowls create a vibrational pattern.

This pattern can tune the brain waves into alpha and theta states. A balancing and harmonizing effect on the left and right side of the brain occurs with these three wonderful pieces: With a quiet mind, Space – planet-suite & The pleasure of being one with the supreme soul.

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