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Baraka Documentary (1992) – Produced by Magidson Films

Baraka Documentary (1992)

Baraka Documentary (1992) synopsis:

Baraka is a non-narrative documentary from 1992, directed and written by cinematographer and editor – Ron Fricke, produced by Magidson Films.

It was the first film in over twenty years to be photographed in the 70mm Todd-AO format and the first film ever to be restored and scanned at 8K resolution.

Ron Fricke is a meticulous filmmaker who has mastered a wide range of skills. This versatility allows him to carefully sculpt his films during each phase of their development.

He immerses himself completely in every stage of production, wrestling with the broad philosophical concepts that underlie his films, designing sophisticated equipment, framing each shot as if it were a painting, editing, and color timing the finished print.

Originally shot in 25 countries on six continents, this documentary brought together a series of stunningly photographed scenes to capture what director Ron Fricke calls “a guided meditation on humanity.”

It was a shoot of unprecedented technical, logistical and bureaucratic scope that would take 30 months to complete, including 14 months on location, with a custom-built computerized 65mm camera.

This film has no plot, contains no actors and has no script. Instead, high-quality 70mm images show some of the best, and worse, parts of nature and human life. Timelapse is used heavily to show everyday life from a different perspective. Baraka is often considered a spiritual film.

This word is an ancient Sufi word, which can be translated as “a blessing, or as the breath, or essence of life from which the evolutionary process unfolds.” For many people, Baraka is the definitive film in this style. Breathtaking shots from around the world show the beauty and destruction of nature and humans. Coupled with an incredible soundtrack including on-site recordings of The Monks Of The Dip Tse Chok Ling Monastery.

“The goal of the film,” says producer Mark Magidson, “was to reach past language. nationality, religion, and politics and speak to the inner viewer.”

“Baraka” is a journey of rediscovery that plunges into nature, into history, into the human spirit and finally into the realm of the infinite”. – Ron Fricke’s quote.

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