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What is a Balanced Diet and a Healthy Lifestyle

What is a Balanced Diet and a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s easy to be confused about the definition of a balanced diet with all the information bombarding us. Messages about best diet plans are often backed by marketing and funding by big companies.

What is a good balanced diet plan and a Healthy Lifestyle?

You may have to try some out for yourself. Avoid fads, or you’ll be forced to learn the importance of a balanced diet the hard way.

Listen to the proverb that says “a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” That is where I come in…

You can steer clear of diet pitfalls by following the guidelines here.

After experiencing severe health problems, I had to answer this question for myself. I learned the importance and discovered tricks to have boundless energy and a lower body weight.

No need for starvation or following a risky diet plan. Choose food that is…

  • Nutrient Dense
  • Low in toxins
  • High in fiber and water
  • High in variety

If you follow these guidelines, you will find the answer to your questions.

Nutrient Dense Energy

Nutrient dense food is the trick to feeling full faster and satisfied longer. Go for the richest source of vitamins and minerals…

Fresh fruit and vegetables! Whole foods are nature’s vitamin capsules. There is no need for “One-A-Day” pills if you eat primarily unprocessed, natural food.

As much as one might wish that processed foods could be healthy, they will never be a whole food.

“Processed” means that essential parts have been removed. Most often, fiber is taken out so the sugar is concentrated. Processed food is lacking in vitamins and minerals.

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Processed foods are more likely to have harmful toxins in them. Artificial flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives go unrecognized by your body.

Carcinogens are allowed in food by the USDA as long as the amounts are small.

Fat easily goes rancid, especially when cooked at high temperatures, like in fried food. The process of fat going rancid produces harmful chemicals and destroys vitamins.

If you have ever smelled fat that went rancid, it is one of the worst smells in the world. Yet, many people consume it regularly.

Rancidity occurs when the fat oxidizes. For example, a cut apple will turn brown. When this happens to fat it damages the cells, producing an unpleasant smell, decreased taste, and toxic chemicals.

Toxins cause an energy drain on your body. They must be filtered out with one of your elimination systems, like your kidney or liver. Your time and energy would be better spent on the renewal of cells, quicker healing times after exercise, anti aging, and more.

Understand the importance of balanced diets and reach for nutrient dense, whole food to let your body thrive.

Choose high fiber food to keep your weight in check, without depriving yourself. Fiber fills you up and staves off hunger.

Foods high in fiber are typically low in calories.

Fiber creates bulk in your stomach and is ultimately indigestible. That means it passes through your body without adding to your caloric intake. You’ll find yourself more satisfied with high fiber, low-fat options.

It’s the easiest way to cut calories, without starving yourself silly.

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Try these tips and share with loved ones.

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