Is Online Therapy the Ultimate Stigma Breaker?

There’s little doubt that there is a stigma associated with getting therapy. This is especially true among younger people – many youths in high school or in early adulthood scoff at the idea of therapy, believing that if they were to attend a counseling session with a therapist they would be labeled as ‘crazy’ or as a ‘kook.’

While the reality is that therapy is really just an important method to help people understand themselves and identify any areas that they may be struggling with, that doesn’t change the fact that the whole process is stigmatized to a serious degree.

Many people actively reject therapy even when they’re in need, and this can lead to many problems down the road.

In this article, we’re going to discuss how online therapy might help break the stigma associated with counseling and therapy.

What Is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is a more accessible version of therapy that can be accessed through the Internet, and there are already well over a dozen therapy providers to choose from. Online therapy is available in several different forms, all of which allow you to connect with a qualified counselor or therapist. The most popular methods of communication are:

  • Video chat. This is the most common – and possibly the most effective – a form of online therapy. With video chat, you can communicate face-to-face with a counselor from the comfort of your phone or from your cell phone.
  • Text messages and email. These allow you to communicate with your therapist via text. This can be very useful for people who are using their smartphones to access online therapy apps.
  • Voice chat. You can also connect with a therapist via a voice call when you don’t have access to a video chat and you don’t want to send long messages.
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These things mean that people are able to access therapy in a manner that’s much more available than traditional therapy.

It’s become so popular that millions of people are already receiving help through these platforms, while thousands of therapists flock to work with these platforms as well. That should continue to grow well into the future.

Why Would Online Therapy Help Break the Stigma?

For some, the stigma associated with therapy is associated with the fact that a person is actually going to register with a therapist to seek help for their issues. In some circles, particularly in high school and teenage-hood, some youth (usually troubled youth themselves) would label the person seeking therapy as weird, broken, or crazy.

However, with the advent of smartphones, many things have become the norm that were not before. Having the newest, coolest apps on your smartphones can be a great way to start conversations, share interests with friends, and explore new possibilities.

This, combined with the fact that self-improvement and personal work are becoming ever more popular in the younger generation, suggests that youth might be able to use online therapy apps to help break the stigma of online therapy.

Instead of therapy being seen as something weird or obscure, it’s becoming more and more available, and can be seen as something approachable, acceptable, and even important. With the advent of online therapy apps, people are able to work on improving themselves with qualified help without having to attend a traditional counseling session.

In many ways, this will help to break the stigma associated with therapy and will help bring assistance to troubled people throughout the world.

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