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Healthy Vegan Diet Plan To Stay Away From Chronic Diseases

Healthy Vegan Diet Plan

Searching for an easy, healthy diet plan? Well, search no more!

With a healthy vegan diet plan, your concerns and diet woes can be a thing of the past.

Despite the health benefits of a vegetarian diet or an even better health diet, veganism, many people are skeptical about a meatless diet. To them, it seems so strict.

There may be some reason for the skepticism, given how unhealthy some vegans eat. Skinny and sickly plant-eaters stick out like a sore thumb. Not only is it something people look for, but it’s something many expect.

If only more people were willing to point the finger at what they eat themselves as the cause of their disease.

A sickly looking meat eater often goes unnoticed. Goodness knows how many unhealthy meat and junk food eaters there are in the world…

More than 1/5 adults face obesity in the US and prescription drug spending is on the rise.

With the first sign of sickness in a vegan, the finger is pointed at their food choices. This is all the more reason for vegans to be sure that they follow a healthy lifestyle.

It is simple to put together an easy plan. Learn to make the right choices and it will also serve as a vegan weight loss plan.

Tips for a healthy vegan diet

The trick to a healthy diet is to focus on unprocessed, fresh foods.

Increase the percentage of raw foods to the highest amount you are comfortable with. Although cooking makes some food tastier and more satisfying, cooking damages some of the nutrients in the process.

Many vitamins and minerals cannot withstand cooking temperatures and are damaged.

Cells become denatured or rancid when their cellular structures are scrambled in the heat. Think of what happens when you burn a strand of hair (protein). The hair strand can fuse together in ways you were unaware of.

Essential fiber can be damaged as well. Fiber provides the bulk to food, giving your intestines something to push against through the digestion process. Fiber also provides the feeling of fullness after eating a hearty meal, and is essential for a better health diet.

Not only are raw foods great for you, but the health benefits of a vegetarian diet, rich in fruits and vegetables actually make you more attractive.


Some of the longest living cultures on the planet eat primarily vegan diets. These include the Vilcabamba (Ecuador), Hunza (Pakistan) and Okinawa (Japan). A pattern emerges from these cultures…

The longest living people eat low fat, plant based food. Their calories from fat are all under 20% of their total diet. More than 70% of calories come from carbohydrates. Healthy Vegan Diet Percentage of intake from animal foods is low, near to 1% for the three groups.

Animal products are more often saved for special occasions. These groups are typically very physically active doing agricultural work and consume an abundant variety of fresh plant foods.

The air and water quality in their remote locations also contributes to their longevity. They have lower stress lifestyles and avoid the pollution of modern city life.

Another group of long living people is the Seventh Day Adventists, many of which reside in Loma Linda, California.

Seventh Day Adventists live a wholesome life, and their members live on average 5-10 years longer than the general population. Those who follow their church’s doctrines abstain from smoking, drinking, and eat only vegetarian food.

If you’re just looking for an easy diet plan, you can succeed by adding more fruits and vegetables to your meals. The health benefits of a vegetarian diet will benefit anyone. For an even better health diet, try going vegan.

Your diet will boost your life and how you feel. Mirror what you eat with what the earth provides and avoid processed food.

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    • Hey Rizwana. First of all, congratulations on your decision to become a vegan! Regarding your pets’ diet, a vegetarian or vegan diet is a healthy choice for dogs. On the other hand, cats’ digestive system doesn’t allow this kind of diet. It goes against their physiology and isn’t something I would recommend at all.