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Fat Free Vegan Diet Plan – Oil Free Diet for Health

Fat Free Vegan Diet Plan - Oil Free Diet

Having a fat free vegan diet allows you to reap the rewards of high-calorie, low-fat foods. High carb food fuels your cells to feel your best. Enjoy the best free, low-fat diet plan to put your health goals in your reach.

High-carbohydrate, low-fat diets boost your health and also help you feel and perform your best. By following these guidelines for a fat-free vegan diet, you will find the quickest path to success on a healthy vegan diet.

Low fat diets prevent disease because of the lower intake of cholesterol and saturated fat.

This prevents diabetes, cardiac disease, obesity and more. Despite the health benefits of lowering fat, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sees diets of 30% or less fat as “low-fat diets.”

30% of calories from fat are a significant amount and the most benefits come from consuming even less fat.

Studies show that 75% of people in the US consume fewer than five fruits and vegetables a day. For those of us who take our health seriously, following high carbohydrate, low-fat diets is ideal.

The best diets contain fewer than 10% of calories from fat, and it’s possible to go even lower. Many plant foods contain 5% of calories from fat.

By nearly eliminating overt fats (like oils, avocado, and nuts), you will not become deficient.

If we were required to roam the jungles looking for food, it would be extremely difficult to consume more than 10% of calories from fat. This is where humans spent most of their time developing.

There would be an abundant selection of high-calorie, low-fat foods.

Here are some benefits of high carbohydrate, fat-free vegan diet (oil free diet):

  • Cell-energy easily gets to cells. All cells run on glycogen, simple sugars. With excess fat in the bloodstream, cells have trouble absorbing sugar, vitamins, and minerals. The dense nutrition in high carb food keeps your vitamin and mineral stores high.
  • Cells more easily oxygenated. Oxygen is required for cell health, and having enough will give you more energy. Blood flow and oxygenation is impeded by fat in the bloodstream.
  • More energy after meals. Less energy is required for digestion. Carbohydrates are absorbed in the intestines, while extensive work is required to digest fats.
  • Stay better hydrated. Low-fat fruits and vegetables are typically high in water content, allowing you to stay more hydrated simply by eating.
  • Minimize the total amount of calories consumed. When it comes to health and any athletic endeavor, lower fat typically wins out. No overweight animals survive in the wild. It’s better to be slim and agile.

Low-fat or fat-free vegan diets have been found to be twice as effective at improving diabetes than other recommended diets, and also reduce the risk of getting breast cancer.

Animals That Eat High Carbohydrate

Our anatomy is similar to other plant-eating mammals. Our teeth and jaws are for grinding, our nails (“claws”) for peeling fruit and our digestive system is long and prone to fermentation. We sleep fewer hours than carnivorous animals.

These are just a few of the reasons why humans should pursue a meatless diet.

If you look to animals in nature, you will never find one that is overweight. Their weight may fluctuate with the season, but an overweight or obese animal would die in a natural setting. It would be one of the first to be picked off by prey.

We can learn from this that it must be less than ideal to have significant fat stores on our body.

Common Sense: High Fiber Food and Exercise

Find the best source of energy with high-calorie, low-fat foods, and vegan nutrition.

You may have to eat more than you are used to in order to obtain the same number of calories. Think you’d ever hear someone recommend eating more, rather than less?

There is no need to calorie restrict on low fat, high carb food.

Everyone knows exercise is essential for building perfect health. But it’s the key to getting enough nutrients on a high-calorie, low-fat food diet.

It is essential to eat a larger volume of food and enough variety.

With regular exercise, any worries about overeating vanish. Platefuls of high carb food will fill you up before you overeat.

Another trick to the fat-free vegan diet is to avoid processed food. Processing whole grains makes them significantly less healthy. It increases the caloric density by ~10% and reduces fiber and protein by 80% and 30%.

High carbohydrate, low-fat diets are the answer.

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