Rakhe Rakhan Har Mantra – Sadhana Kundalini Yoga Mantra and Meditation

Rakhe Rakhan Har mantra lyrics:

„Raque raquena jare ubarian
Gurqui peri pae kaye savarian
Ooaaap deial mano na visarian
Sade yena que sangue babayale tarian
Saquete nindeque duste quin mae bidarian
Tisis saibiki tek naneke mane mae
Yisis simerat te suque hoe sagale duque yae.”

Rakhe Rakhan Har mantra translation in English:

„O Savior Lord, Save us all and take us across. Uplifting and giving the excellence,
You gave us the Touch of the Lotus Feet of the Guru, and our works are embellished with perfection.
You have become Merciful, Kind and Compassionate. And so our mind does not forget you.
In the Company of the Holy, you carry us Across from misfortune, calamities, and disrepute.
The Godless, slanderous enemies – you finish them off in an instant.
That Lord Master is my Anchor and Support. O Nanak, hold firm in my mind.
Remembering Him in meditation, happiness comes, and all sorrows and pain simply vanish.”


Chanting this Kundalini mantra provides protection against any negative forces you may be encountering. The mantra clears the way for happiness and bliss to enter your life by removing pain and sorrow from your heart.

These are the words of Guru Arjan, the 5th of the 10 Sikh Gurus, and are for complete protection. The mantra is from the evening prayer, which adds healing energy to one’s being, and helps when you are physically weak or have limited wealth.

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