Pavan Guru Mantra Meditation (Pran Bandha Mantra)

Pavan Guru mantra lyrics:

„Pavan Pavan Pavan Pavan
Par Para Pavan Guru
Pavan Guru Wahe Guru
Wahe Guru Pavan Guru.”


  • Pavan means the Divine Breath;
  • Par Para means from beyond the beyond;
  • Pavan Guru means the breath is the Guru;
  • Wahe Guru means the experience of the Divine.

The name of this soothing mantra is Pran Bandha Mantra. This mantra binds, collects, and commands the life force or prana. In our usual non-liberated state, we are enslaved by our attachments and desires.

We become attached to our finite identity, or to space, time, and intensity of emotion or experience.

This amazing mantra takes you beyond those finite attachments. It opens the door to another dimension of the Self. It unites you into the unlimited sea of prana and life. Pavan is the air, the breath, carrier of the prana, the life force.

This is God in action. This pacifying mantra increases the pranic energy and forges a link between you as a finite unit magnetic field and the universal, creative magnetic field of energy that we call consciousness.

The mantra is from Guru Nanak’s Japji. The practitioner who chants this to perfection experiences deathlessness. You can merge into the greater pranic body that does not die with the physical body. Prayers and mental desires become much more effective.

This meditation can give you the ability to embody a divine personality and to become creative and fearless.

Mantra practicing benefits:

Chanting this Sikh mantra allows us to tune our whole being, body, mind, and spirit to the One Source.

The spirit-body connection is the foundation of mantra meditation, and it remains one of the longest lasting spiritual practice in operation today.

A regular practice of mantra chanting strengthens the nervous system, activates the glandular system, purifies the bloodstream, energetical purification, expands lung capacity and builds core body strength.

Moreover, reciting the mantra together as one raises the level of our own vibration to a high spiritual state where we can actually feel and experience our Divine nature.

Source – KRI, The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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Music by Mirabai Ceiba.

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