Maa Kalratri Mantra - Day Seven Mantra of Navratri

Mantra lyrics:

”Ekveni Japakarnapoora Nagna Kharasthita
Lamboshthi Karnikakarni Tailabhyaktasharirini
Vardhanmoordhwaja Krishna Kalratrirbhayankari.”

Maa Kalratri mantra translation:

”So, worship Goddess Kalratri on this auspicious 7th day of Navratri and get free from all your fears and weaknesses.”


The destroyer of ignorance and darkness, Maa Kaalratri is the 4th form of Mother Durga and literally translates as ”enemy of darkness.” She is also known as Shubankari, which means ”auspicious” or ”doing good”, due to the belief that the Goddess always provides auspicious results to Her followers. Therefore, it is considered that She makes Her followers fearless.

The Saudhikagama, an ancient sacred text referenced in the Silpa Prakasha, illustrates the Goddess as being the goddess that rules the night portion of every night and day.

Note – it is essential to state that it is not uncommon to find the names Kaalratri and Kali being used interchangeably, although these two Goddesses are argued to be separate entities by some.


In her fights with asuras, the Goddess is known as Shubhankari. In this aspect, She killed Raktabeej, an asura who could multiply from every drop of his blood which fell on the ground.

The Goddess killed him by licking the blood before it could reach the ground, thus conquered Raktabeej.


She is often depicted as dark as the night. The Goddess possesses 3 eyes in Her forehead which are as round as the creation itself. The hair on Her head is very dense but disheveled.

She has 4 hands. The top left hand is holding an iron dagger and the other hand is holding a sickle. The top right hand is in a mudra of rendering boon to all. The other hand on Her right is rendering fearlessness.

Day seven Navratri mantra chanting benefits:

Although the outward form of the Goddess is extremely frightening, She always grants boons on Her followers. Furthermore, She confers the state of fearlessness on Her followers. All planetary hurdles are dissolved if a practitioner recites Her name with devotion.

Moreover, She is connected with the crown (Sahasrara) chakra, thereby giving the practitioner siddhis (spiritual powers).

The Sahasrara chakra is the last major chakra in the line of energy centers that run through the center of your body.

It is the chakra of consciousness and represents the threshold between spiritual and psychic realms. It is where one attains the highest levels of enlightenment and consciousness.

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