Jaya Radha Madhava - Krishna Bhajan

”Jaya radha madhava kunja-bihari
Gopi-jana-vallabha giri-vara-dhari
Yasoda-nandana braja-jana-ranjana

Translation and meaning in English:

Krishna is the lover of Radha. He displays many amorous pastimes in the groves of Vrndavana, Krishna is the lover of the cowherd maidens of Vraja, and the holder of the great hill named Govardhana.

More information:

Lord Krishna is the beloved son of mother Yasoda, the delighter of the inhabitants of Vraja, and He wanders in the forests along the banks of the River Yamuna! This amazing chant is a transcendental love song representing Lord Krishna and Radha, the Divine couple, all-attractive and playful.

Lord Krishna is universally considered to be an Avatar, a direct descent of God. He is one of the many names of Vishnu (The Supreme God) and is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the protector of the world. Moreover, He, like Rama, is also well-known for his courage in eliminating evil forces throughout his life.

Radha, also called Radhikarani, Radhika and Radharani, is a Hindu Goddess who is almost always portrayed alongside Lord Krishna and appears prominently within the theology of today’s Gaudiya Vaishnava and Vallabha Hindu sects, which considers Goddess Radha as the original Shakti or Goddess. Therefore, Radha is the Supreme Goddess.

In addition, Radha is also the main god of adoration in the Hamsa Sampradaya, as Sri Nimbarka, the founder of the tradition, declared that Radha and Krishna together constitute the absolute truth. In fact, Goddess Radha is so important in Krishna consciousness, that Goddess is always adored and worshiped alongside with Lord Krishna and followers are encouraged to pray to the Goddess if they want to please Krishna.

Chanting Jaya Radha Madhava mantra benefits:

Chanting this mantra daily before sunrise improves health, clears the mind, activates the Anahata chakra and purifies your aura. Also, it helps fulfill the cherished desire to find love, get rid of doubts, removes hindrances and brings a state of pure love in the heart.

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