Hanuman Gayatri Mantra Lyrics, Meaning and Benefits

Mantra lyrics:

”Aum Aanjaneyaaya Vidmahe
Vayu-puthraaya Dhimahee
Thanno Hanuman Prachodayath.”

Hanuman Gayatri Mantra translation:

”Om, Let me meditate on the son of Anjana,
Oh, Very strong one, give me higher intellect,
And let Hanuman illuminate my mind.”


An ardent devotee of Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman is the God of wisdom and bravery.

He is also acknowledged to be the god of strength and power, who remained a celibate through his whole life. He is also called Pavan-suta (son of air), Mahaveera (the great hero) or Bajarangbali.

Worshiped and revered by many devotees who wish to gain strength and courage in their lives, Hanuman, the well-known monkey god, is probably one of the most celebrated figures in the Hindu mythology. In addition, He was one of the central characters in the Sanskrit epic, Ramayana.

In Sanskrit, the word ”Hanu” translates as ”Jaw” and ”Man” translates as ”Disfigured.”

No wonder, Lord Hanuman’s jaw was disfigured as a kid by none other than Lord Indra (Lord of the Devas) who had used his thunderbolt (vajra) against Him, who took Lord Surya (Sun) as a ripened mango and even went to trace it up in the sky.

Lord Brahma provided Lord Hanuman with the irrevocable Brahma’s curse, which assures no one would be able to kill Him with any weapon in war.

Lord Hanuman is also blessed with the destroying fear in friends, the power of inducing fear in enemies, and to be able to change His form in order to travel anywhere.

He can be seen in temples throughout the country. In some temples, His image is set up alone standing with a mace in the right hand or sitting in a devotional position before the images of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita.

Mantra chanting benefits:

This powerful mantra is recited by His Hanuman followers in order to have prosperity, abundance, and peace in life. Additionally, reciting this mantra 108 times every morning will bring you great stamina, amazing physical strength and the power to heal wounds fastly. Also, the mantra removes all kinds of obstacles on the way to victory.

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