Switchwords List For Love, Weight Loss, Money, Health, Miracles, Relationships And Marriage

Switchwords were discovered by James Mangan in the 1960’s as a way to create the perfect life. He was the first person who did a lot of research and understood the concept of switchwords and its working, how a person can use her/his subconscious mind to fight with their fears and live their wishes.

He spent more than 40 years researching these words on people from all walks of life, and published his book “The Secret of Perfect Living”, in 1963, which contains a list of the words that switch on the brain’s incredible capacity to bring us what we need – right away, without meditating or buying into a belief system.

The secret is to bring your subconscious and conscious selves together and hold them together for every second of your entire life. Furthermore, Mangan says we are each the sum of all our experiences, negative and positive. We can use this type of seed mantras to actively push the positive experiences to the forefront in our brains in order to react effectively to challenges.

The most important thing you need to know about the subconscious mind is that it is always “on”. That is, it is active day and night, regardless of what you are doing. Also, your subconscious mind is subjective. It does not think or reason independently; it merely obeys the commands it receives from your conscious mind.

Therefore, when we affirm, declare, sing, chant, or even just mentally intend the switchword, and like turning on an electric lamp with a switch, the desired result reliably appears.

Many switchwords can be combined together to create a switchword phrase in order to acquire the power of many switchwords into one for quick and faster results.

Switchwords can be used to:

  • put you into action to create what you aspire, and can actually help you to directly communicate your desire to your subconscious mind;
  • it can bring self-confidence and renewal;
  • it can help you to attract the things you want;
  • it can help you to stop or change things or behaviors that are causing you distress;
  • it can improve your relationships, health, and wealth.

How to use switchwords

They are similar to, but not the same as, positive affirmations. Whereas affirmations are repeated to create a new habit of thought or change in behavior, this type of words focuses on changing our vibration. Also, many words don’t appear to have anything to do with the effect they have.

The most usual method is to repeat the phrase or switchword out loud or in your mind, for at least 28 times but many prefer to do it 108 times. You can recite switchwords as you would a mantra and you can repeat it whenever you think of it. The important thing is to focus on the result you are seeking.

Additionally, you can place written switchwords around your office, car or home to remind you to use them, or take one word as a project and apply it every time you think of a physical or mental problem or feel a symptom.

Practice minimum ten minutes every day.

Switchwords list and their applications

Switchwords for health and healing

Change – to get rid of illness or pain.
Clear – to dissolve anger.
Alone – to heal.
Learn – to stay young and to look young immediately.
Adjust – to improve mobility or a mood.
Be – to maintain good health and to achieve peace of conscience.
Swivel -to relieve constipation.
Stretch – to retain good feeling or sense of well-being.

Switchwords for weight loss

Off – to break a bad habit or behavior.
Cut – to achieve moderation in any field where tempted to excess (for example overeating).
Curve – to feel beautiful or to lose weight.

Switchwords for money, success and wealth

Plenty – for abundance, prosperity, and generosity.
Cancel – to eliminate negative thinking, negativity, negative conditions or to avoid poverty or debt.
Count – to make and to attract money. The theory behind this powerful word is that every time we see a pile of coins lying around, we automatically start counting them in our mind.
Find – to build a fortune.
Findcountdivine – to attract money.
Shreem – to attract wealth.
Countcountcount520 – to achieve complete financial freedom.
Suffer – to handle success or handle prosperity.
Scheme – to advertise, to design, to produce.
Sophisticate – to increase success, or to publish a successful magazine/website.
Waste – to appear wealthy.

Switchwords for relationships, love, and happy marriage

Together – to strengthen a relationship or marriage.
Guard – to preserve.
Whole – to understand that we have everything we need within ourselves. There is no need to look for it in another.
Love – this word is the most powerful and healing force in the world. When we say “Love,” it wraps a healing energy around the individual who sends it and the receiver.
Lovecharm – to bring me my heart’s desire.

Switchwords for students

Judge – to study, improve skills and understanding.

Switchwords for miracles

Divine – to create a miracle. Many practitioners have wonderful and fast results with the word Divine and use it in many different combinations.


Attention –  to avoid careless mistakes or to pay attention to detail.
Between – to boost or discover psychic ability and to enhance telepathy.
Chuckle – to turn on the real personality or for personal confidence.
Elate – to turn a setback to your advantage.
Forgive – to end the desire for revenge or to stop angry thoughts about self.
Fight – to win in a competition, such as a sports match.
Next – to complete a detailed, repetitive task, such as accounts, or examination revision.
Praise – to like your body, to make yourself handsome or beautiful, to stop finding fault in others, to get praise from others.
Tiny – to be polite, kind, and considerate.
Uncle – to retain the sense of self when first sensing a negative influence.
With – to get on with other people.


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