Vertigo and Dizziness – Spiritual Causes, Meaning & Healing

In medical terms, vertigo is a specific type of dizziness, a sense that you, or your environment, is spinning or moving, even though there is no movement.

It can be defined based upon whether the cause is central or peripheral. Central causes of vertigo arise in the spinal cord or brain while peripheral vertigo is due to a problem within the inner ear. Other conditions that can affect the inner ear and cause this kind of dizziness include motion sickness, Ménière’s disease and toxicity of the ear caused by medicines.

Many children attempt to create a sense of vertigo by spinning around for a time. This type of induced dizziness lasts for a few moments and then disappears.

Symptoms of dizziness and vertigo

  • unsteadiness, including finding it difficult to walk in a straight line;
  • abnormal or involuntary eye movements, called nystagmus;
  • a sensation of movement (including spinning), either of yourself or the external environment;
  • slurred speech or difficulty speaking, called dysarthria;
  • finding it difficult to see clearly when moving, for instance, when reading a sign while driving or walking.

Vertigo dizziness spiritual meaning

Metaphysical causes of dizziness and vertigo include – desperate for love and approval but not knowing where to look for it. Trying to control everything. Trying to avoid seeing an uncomfortable truth, especially when you do not want to face a situation. In addition, it can be caused by fear or anxiety.

Healing affirmation

I am deeply centered and at peace with life. It is safe for me to be alive and joyous.

I deserve to have excellent health.

I am completely free of vertigo and dizziness.

I’m completely healed in my mind and my body.

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